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massage imageSports and Remedial Massage

Sport & Remedial Massage therapy has been developed to aid sports performance and the body’s functional movement, provide assistance in postural correction and the treatment and prevention of injury.

This involves the use of deep massage, soft tissue manipulation techniques and exercise advice to reduce aches and pains caused by sport, injury or simply the stresses and strains of daily life. Whatever the cause we have something to offer.

Sports massage techniques stimulate the neuro-muscular system by integrating the muscular and skeletal systems. As an athlete training schedule develops, muscle overuse is common resulting in strains, tears and imbalances in the soft muscle tissue. If the aches and pains are ignored, serious injuries may occur, and the more susceptible the athlete is to further strain and injury.

One way to encourage muscle repair after training is with sports massage. Sports massage will help release any built up tension and lactic acid in the overworked muscles so that blood and oxygen can return to the muscle and effectively promote muscle repair. Sports massage, if received as part of a sports program, can help an athlete prevent injury due to overuse.

In addition to using regular sports massage sessions as part of your sports program, it can also benefit an athlete in the following ways:

Pre-Event Massage - Preparation for a competitive event.
Post-Event Massage – Active recovery post event.
Post Travel Massage- De-stress, release tension and relax after traveling.
Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation & Post Surgery Care.

PT:U Holistic offers deep tissue sports massage to customers in the comfort of their own home or your chosen venue, which makes it even easier to fit your appointments around your life.

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