PT:U – Individual Personal Training

If you are looking for the personal touch and want intense, focused training then 1-2-1 PT is for you. You will benefit from direct attention, high intensity workouts and regular monitoring and assessment to ensure that you reach your goals in the fastest time possible that is safe and healthy for your body. These sessions are 100% about you and achieving your goals. The ultimate personal training experience.

PT:U – Performance Training

If you are serious about your sport, then you need to be serious about your preparation Training to look and feel good is not enough to ensure high performance in competitive sport. Your training has to be sports specific for you to perform at your highest ability and peak for the event/season ahead of you. It is essential for the training to have an intended purpose and a specific end result which will crossover to the movements performed in competition.
PT:U – Performance Training will improve your sports performance through focusing on key fitness components such as, Strength, Speed, Explosive Power and Endurance, or a combination of the above to ensure you are at your peak performance exactly when you need to be.

PT:U – Small Group PT

Small group training allows you to maximise the benefits and experience of 1-2-1 personal training whilst minimizing the overall cost. Small group training gives you the opportunity to train at a lower cost by combining your sessions with 1 or 2 friends or family members. Not only is this a great economical solution, but it can also be a valuable motivational incentive for you to kick-start your new fitness regime. It is not necessary to have the same goals as the others with whom you are training with, PT:U trainers are able to effectively train groups of varying levels of fitness and experience without compromising either clients goals or objectives.

Training with others has been proven to assist in maintaining motivation towards exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle, and is a fun way to combine seeing friends and family together with fitness. The more you enjoy your training experience, the more success you will achieve from it. So why not enjoy it with your friends.


  • ££65
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  • ££550
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PT:U – Online Training / Program Design

Our aim is to help you achieve the results you desire, fast. Once you have achieved this, it is then our intention through effective education and mentoring for you to achieve a level of self-sufficiency, where you are in a confident position to train on your own to continue your fitness development.

How we can continue to support you!

If you need fresh ideas, a new challenge, a little monitoring or your training goal has changed but find that Personal Training may be out of your reach due to your location, commitments or financial restraints, then PT:U – Online Training & Program Design may be just what you need.

We will design you an effective training program specific to what you wish to achieve and a unique nutrition plan based upon a diet diary we ask you to keep. We also offer regular contact via email, text or telephone, and mentoring, motivation and support when you need it most.

PT:U – Nutrition

Knowing what and when to eat, and how to fit it all into a busy schedule to help achieve your goal isn’t easy. Eating the wrong food, or even the right food at the wrong time, and knowing how much of it is right for you can all get a little confusing. The solution? PT:U – Online Nutrition Coaching. This forms part of the PT:U Online Training and Program Design, but can also be a single stand alone service if you only require help with your nutrition.

We set your macronutrients to suit your goals, advise on nutrition strategies to speed up results and assist your training, reveal the Importance of Carbs, Fats, and Proteins play in a healthy well balanced diet and create nutrition plans with healthy tasty meal options to keep you fully focused on your goals.

  • Nutrition

  • ££60
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  • 12 Weeks Online Training

  • ££250
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All packages from PT:U Personal Training, must be used within 10 weeks.