Richard Jones


Richard Jones

A high octane, influential personal trainer with over a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry, and a unique approach to training, Richard defines fitness as his passion, his love, his energy, and it forms the basis of how he leads his life.

A graduate in BSc Sports Science and Exercise & Fitness (Hons) at Brunel University,  Richard has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which has enabled him to form his own unique and effective training style. Richard is not only able to offer highly motivating, challenging sessions which are fun to do, but those which are designed whilst incorporating scientific principles of training and cutting edge research which is vital for achieving unrivalled maximum results, fast.

Richard’s client list illustrates his extensive skillset, and includes: Winner of The Biggest Loser 2011 Wil Graham and Runner up Paddy Cunningham, Former British, Commonwealth and Prize Fighter Champion, Heavyweight Boxer Michael Sprott, Professional Footballer Adam Le Fondre and TV actresses Emma Rigby & Jemma Keys. He has helped a broad range of clients from all backgrounds to achieve their goals by supplying the spark to ignite their motivation and to change their lifestyle for the better.

Richard is known for his fun, likeable personality, his infectious enthusiasm and dynamic attitude which is reflected in the way he trains his clients - with passion, confidence and high energy, this alone can help to improve your motivation and performance to achieve goals beyond your self-imposed limits.

Richard specialises in weight loss, body re-composition and strength and conditioning

Richard is also Master Trainer at Nirvana Spa and Pulse 8 Health Club, Berkshire- to train with him there (gym membership applies), visit:


Nicky Bowman before and after

Nicky Bowman

When I first met Richard I weighed just over 12 ½ stone, I was a dress size 16/18, and able to run for perhaps 250 yards before having to stop.

In our first session I remember that when boxing I really didn’t think I could manage to keep going, that I felt weak and thought I would never be able to achieve what my friend, who introduced me, had achieved in terms of fitness.

I was 40 years old and had been fat all my life. I still have the photograph that I took of my reflection in the train window one day, which was the moment I decided to change.

Today I’m a size 10, I weigh 10 stone and am continuing to lose weight, my shape is totally different. My tummy is getting flatter, my hips are slight, someone has commented on my arms looking good. I can run for 8 Kilometers, I am scheduled to run a 10K for charity in a few weeks and am confident of my pace. I can box (I love the boxing!), I can step, I can lift weights. I have so much energy now, I can run and play with my Children. I no longer get an energy dip in the afternoon and I feel and sleep so much better.

The period between these 2 statements is 7 months. However, I noticed an improvement in my stamina and ability within a couple of weeks, and have continued to notice improvement as Richard has changed the way I’m working so that the improvement continues. He is patient, encouraging and kind, yet he will make sure I am giving of my best, he knows what I’m capable of and expects that from me. He works me in short bursts with different activities and equipment because he knows I bore easily, but he pushes me to do things I’m not good at first time – for example anything requiring co-ordination! I don’t even need a gym membership!

Best of all, for me, he has advised me on how to keep up my activity in the time between our weekly sessions and always encourages and praises me even when a workout happens other than in his paid time. He has advised me on eating as well, which of course makes a big difference to my weight.

I can wholeheartedly recommend PT:U, Richard has changed my life for the better and forever and I will always be grateful. Do something about it, today!

Nicky Bowman

Sales Director, EMEA

will graham before and after

Will Graham


‘Richard's training methods and approach have helped me lose over 15 stone in total, and as a result I have a new lease of life.

I can't put into words how grateful I am for everything he's taught me, in addition to his resolute determination to reach and exceed whatever goals I've set myself with his guidance along the way.

His training style is completely bespoke to my own needs and preferences; every session is different - and difficult - but I feel a real sense of achievement afterwards when I eventually catch my breath.

The Biggest Loser helped me start my journey towards physical fitness and I know that with Richard's support and training, I'll reach the summit.

Anyone who trains with him will realise he's a secret weapon - their training performance will sky-rocket and any fitness goals they thought they had will need to be reassessed’.

Winner of The Biggest Loser 2011, Aged 30, Reading

paddy cunningham before and after

Paddy Cunningham


‘Richard Jones is simply awesome! His skill, knowledge and approach to personal training has helped me change my entire life. I have had the pleasure of losing a serious amount of weight with Richard support, and think that it is no coincidence that Wil, my training buddy - also lost a lot of weight whilst training with Richard.

Every session was different, but spot on for what was needed during my weight loss journey. Richard was always there for any support and motivation that was needed, both in and out of the gym - he really made sure that I stayed on track.

I have worked with many trainers over the years, and can honestly say Rich is up there amongst the best, he is a true gentleman and has a perfect mix of professionalism and fun in his training sessions. His belief and trust in me, not only change me physically but mentally too.

Although I have now left the UK, I will still be using Richard for advice and support, especially when I beginning studying to become a personal trainer myself later on this year.

Thank you Richard for being so utterly awesome, and fantastic at what you do - you completely exceeded my expectations of both a personal trainer and a friend’.

Runner Up of The Biggest Loser & Trainee Personal Trainer, Aged 29, Sligo, Ireland.

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