Nicky Bowman before and after

Nicky Bowman

When I first met Richard I weighed just over 12 ½ stone, I was a dress size 16/18, and able to run for perhaps 250 yards before having to stop.

In our first session I remember that when boxing I really didn’t think I could manage to keep going, that I felt weak and thought I would never be able to achieve what my friend, who introduced me, had achieved in terms of fitness.

I was 40 years old and had been fat all my life. I still have the photograph that I took of my reflection in the train window one day, which was the moment I decided to change.

Today I’m a size 10, I weigh 10 stone and am continuing to lose weight, my shape is totally different.  My tummy is getting flatter, my hips are slight, someone has commented on my arms looking good.  I can run for 8 Kilometers, I am scheduled to run a 10K for charity in a few weeks and am confident of my pace.  I can box (I love the boxing!), I can step, I can lift weights.  I have so much energy now, I can run and play with my Children.  I no longer get an energy dip in the afternoon and I feel and sleep so much better.

The period between these 2 statements is 7 months.  However, I noticed an improvement in my stamina and ability within a couple of weeks, and have continued to notice improvement as Richard has changed the way I’m working so that the improvement continues.  He is patient, encouraging and kind, yet he will make sure I am giving of my best, he knows what I’m capable of and expects that from me.   He works me in short bursts with different activities and equipment because he knows I bore easily, but he pushes me to do things I’m not good at first time – for example anything requiring co-ordination!  I don’t even need a gym membership!

Best of all, for me, he has advised me on how to keep up my activity in the time between our weekly sessions and always encourages and praises me even when a workout happens other than in his paid time.  He has advised me on eating as well, which of course makes a big difference to my weight.

I can wholeheartedly recommend PT:U, Richard has changed my life for the better and forever and I will always be grateful.  Do something about it, today!

Nicky Bowman

Sales Director, EMEA

will graham before and after

Will Graham


‘Richard's training methods and approach have helped me lose over 15 stone in total, and as a result I have a new lease of life.

I can't put into words how grateful I am for everything he's taught me, in addition to his resolute determination to reach and exceed whatever goals I've set myself with his guidance along the way.

His training style is completely bespoke to my own needs and preferences; every session is different - and difficult - but I feel a real sense of achievement afterwards when I eventually catch my breath.

The Biggest Loser helped me start my journey towards physical fitness and I know that with Richard's support and training, I'll reach the summit.

Anyone who trains with him will realise he's a secret weapon - their training performance will sky-rocket and any fitness goals they thought they had will need to be reassessed’.

Winner of The Biggest Loser 2011, Aged 30, Reading

paddy cunningham before and after

Paddy Cunningham


‘Richard Jones is simply awesome! His skill, knowledge and approach to personal training has helped me change my entire life. I have had the pleasure of losing a serious amount of weight with Richard support, and think that it is no coincidence that Wil, my training buddy - also lost a lot of weight whilst training with Richard.

Every session was different, but spot on for what was needed during my weight loss journey. Richard was always there for any support and motivation that was needed, both in and out of the gym - he really made sure that I stayed on track.

I have worked with many trainers over the years, and can honestly say Rich is up there amongst the best, he is a true gentleman and has a perfect mix of professionalism and fun in his training sessions. His belief and trust in me, not only change me physically but mentally too.

Although I have now left the UK, I will still be using Richard for advice and support, especially when I beginning studying to become a personal trainer myself later on this year.

Thank you Richard for being so utterly awesome, and fantastic at what you do - you completely exceeded my expectations of both a personal trainer and a friend’.

Runner Up of The Biggest Loser & Trainee Personal Trainer, Aged 29, Sligo, Ireland.

micahel sprott


Michael Sprott

‘Big thanks to Richard at PT:U Performance Training for my Power and Conditioning sessions, these have really made such a difference to my fitness and pre-fight preparation. Thanks so much for all the work you have done with me.’

Former Heavyweight British Commonwealth and Prize Fighter Champion, Aged 36, Reading.


emma rigbyEmma Rigby

‘Richard is undoubtedly incredibly talented at what he does, even after just a few sessions I certainly noticed and felt the difference in my body and fitness.

He works you extremely hard yet in an enthusiastic manner, which therefore means you actually enjoy working out! As a personal trainer, he is everything you could possible wish for and couldn't recommend him more highly.

Not only a passionate hard working individual who can help you achieve whatever goal you are aiming for, Richard is one of the nicest guys I know and is always smiling and fantastic for a good old gossip also!

If you are looking for the ultimate work out, Mr Jones is certainly the man for you’.

Actress, Aged 22, London

matt bond before and after

Matt Bond

‘When I finally became so over-weight I didn't even want to look at myself in a mirror, I decided I needed to change my appearance and have a healthier lifestyle.

After getting in to contact with Richard Jones at PT:U, Richard met with me and since then my life has changed completely. Richard really listened to my problems and really seemed to take on board what I was saying and then put together a program for me that was challenging but I felt could be achieved. I began to train hard everyday of the week and saw results instantly.

I also changed my diet and started to consume less calories and eat healthier than i would usually instead of skipping breakfast and over eating. So far I've managed to go from being 128kg down to now being 91kg all in the space of just 15 weeks.

As a result of this i feel much healthier and my stamina has increased drastically. Not only this, but i now feel a lot more confident where as before I was so concerned about my weight it was affecting my social life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard for all his hard work and belief and confidence in me as I wouldn't be in the position I am now without his help. I intend to keep up the hard work continuing to re-shape my future in to a healthier one and also encourage anyone who is planning on losing weight like I was to go for it, as the hardest part is taking that initial step. Thanks again Rich!’

Business Studies Student, Age 21

bayley tustin in the gym and at work

Bayley Tustin

‘Richard @ PT:U has helped me achieve a new level of performance and swing consistancy by guiding me through an amazing strength and conditioning program for Golf. His delivery was exceptional. More controlled clubhead speed and power is at my disposal! Good technique alone is not enough without an efficient body. Thanks to Richard, I now have both!’

PGA Golf Professional, Age 32, Reading

Sarah Dave

'Leading a busy, mostly desk-based lifestyle meant some personal training was what I needed to get back in shape. Rich set me a programme of increasing challenges, keeping the sessions interesting and achievable. Rich was very encouraging and helped me achieve my goals. He won't give up on you if you don't give up on yourself.'

Journalist, Age 32, Reading

stephen barson before and after

Stephen Barson

Richard has been hugely motivational in helping me to lose weight and tone up. I have changed my diet based on his good advice, and I have followed a training programme for the past 12 weeks which Richard has tailored to suit my fitness levels. I have lost over 2 stone in 12 weeks and I am continuing to train with Richard as we move from weight loss into resistance training. Richard is clearly very good at what he does but above all he is encouraging, supportive and most importantly a very amenable guy.
MD, Aged 35, Reading

karen dowling before and after

Karen Dowling

‘Richard Jones, on a scale of 1-10 would get 10 from me.

I am a lady in my forties and have had P.T with Rich for over 2 years, every session we do something different, and always such good fun.

I have dropped 2 dress sizes have a BMI of 20.5 and feel really healthy. Really worth all that sweat, would definitely recommend you give Rich a go.’

Now Trainee Personal Trainer, Age 46, Wargrave.

Victoria Smith

‘I started seeing Richard as I felt I wanted a bit more variety in my exercise routine and also to gain some tips, as I myself am a gym instructor training to be a P.T. I would highly recommend Richard as a trainer. The sessions were really varied - no two sessions were ever the same and so I never became bored. He really pushed me, which was what I wanted - my fitness reached a new level and I lost half a stone in weight. Richard was flexible and willing to fit training sessions around my lifestyle; he came to my house to train me when I was unable to get to the gym and changed times to fit around my commitments and it never seemed to be a problem. Richard is also a genuine guy who gave me some really good advice on setting up as a PT myself. ‘

Trainee Personal Trainer, Age 33, Berkshire

Allan Boath

'My fitness objectives were to help my golf game and have fun exercising. My weekly hour with Rich flies by and his PT program has helped get my handicap down too - result!'

Retired businessman, Aged 60, Camberley

Dale Thomas

'Knowing what a specific exercise is doing for you is important in motivating you to work harder. Richard has always been clear in explaining the benefit that you can expect for the effort expended. Richard pushes you to work harder and knowing the areas of improvement beforehand helps you focus your mind and efforts.'

MD Software Company, Aged 50, Wokingham

emily parker before and after

Emily Parker

‘My name is Emily and I am a 30 year old who works as a nurse. I have been undertaking personal training with Richard now for the last few months. Richard is not only a friendly person but an excellent and supportive personal trainer who has tailored an effective and individual training program for me and offers dietary advice. The sessions are always enjoyable but tough which is what you expect from personal training. I like the fact I feel that I have had a really good work out. I would highly recommend Richard as a personal trainer.’

Nurse, Aged 30, Wokingham

Sabi Chadda

‘I originally started PT sessions with Richard because I had been out of the gym for a few years with injury and illness. Richard created an easy going, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere to ensure I trained consistently and injury free. As my motivation, fitness and confidence levels increased, Richard made the workouts more challenging and creative. Richard is passionate about fitness and is highly educated in all aspects of diet and training. I now train 6 days a week in various sports and have incredible energy and motivation. All this was possible due to Richard’s dedication to help me achieve my goals.’

MD Estate Agency, Aged 35, Reading

Alisa Loyal

I have been training with Aaron since May this year. I have never needed to lose weight. I am a runner and train regularly but wanted to improve my body shape by adding definition and muscle tone. As a women I've always had the misconception that the weights room is for men and women that lift weights are bulky. Aaron has changed my mind on this and taught me that "strong is sexy" and muscles are beautiful on women. The most important thing he taught me was body composition and not to worry what the scales say.

After completing a food and exercise diary for Aaron he suggested that I add resistance training and gave me a nutritional plan to follow. We focused most of my PT sessions on weight training and Aaron wrote up a plan for me to follow. Aaron is very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic . He made me feel comfortable training in a male dominated weights room that can feel intimating to women. He always corrects me when my posture or position is wrong and I now feel confident on my own to lift weights.

I've significantly improved my all round fitness, especially my strength, stamina and energy levels. This in term has helped with my running. After two weeks of following his plan I achieved a new PB in a 10k something I had been desperate to do for months.

I've learnt so much about exercise techniques, nutrition and am now able to do exercises that I never thought possible.

Aaron always encourages me to succeed in the exercise I am doing. I'm proud to say that I can squat more than my body weight which is an amazing achievement for a lady that just liked to run! The sessions can be tough but are always enjoyable. I feel happier now with my body than I ever have.

I would thoroughly recommend Aaron to any one looking for a personal trainer.

Laurence Gaubert-Carter

I have had the pleasure to work with Aaron for 18 months now. I was a size 22 and very out of shape when I first met him. 18 months later, I am a size 12 and have become a gym bunny! Aaron changed my routine every 6-8 weeks so I never got bored and kept an eye on me. He s lovely, gentle and personnable but won t let you stop or sell your self short. I cannot recommend Aaron enough.


roberta before and after

I first decided to have personal training sessions with Aaron for an upcoming holiday; my goal was to lose some weight and to tone up. I had tried several ‘diets’ on my own and lost and regained the some few pounds over and over again. Although I did go to the gym, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing; so I mainly stuck to cardio in order to burn some calories. Aaron has made the whole process really enjoyable, and I have had great results while sticking to the plan he had drawn up for me. As well as a new exercise plan, he also put me a new diet plan together.

The diet was great as he worked it around my lifestyle and foods I would normally eat; as a result, it was then far easier to stick to and I wasn’t hungry at all. He has also adjusted the diet plan as we have gone along to reflect what I have been doing at the time, which has been really helpful, as this is not something that I would have known to change myself.

With regards to exercise, I have been using a five day plan that Aaron has created for me which includes free-weights, intervals, kettle bells and circuits. I have been having one personal training session a week with Aaron, and the rest of the week I have been training by myself; he had gone through all of the exercises with me so I knew exactly what I was doing, it has definitely helped me feel more comfortable when training alone.

The PT sessions are what really kept me going, as having someone encouraging me all the way through, really helps to get the most out of a session. I frequently ask him questions about what I am doing, and he is always more than happy to help.

It has been much easier and more enjoyable since having more variety in the exercise rather than just doing cardio all of the time; I haven’t felt like I have wanted to give up as I have done previously. At first I was slightly nervous, as I did feel unfit and I had never used free-weights or kettle bells before; Aaron was really helpful through this and kettle bells have now become one of my favourite things to do.

I am really pleased he encouraged me out of my comfort zone, as this is something I would never have tried on my own. Taking up personal training sessions have been one of the best things I have done; in the 12 weeks that I followed the diet and exercise plan, I have lost 3.9kgs, 6% body fat, and a total of 8.5 inches.

I achieved the results that I had wanted before my holiday which was my original goal. However, I have also enjoyed it much more than I ever thought I would, and the results have been amazing. I have felt better and more confident than I ever have previously, and will continue to have PT sessions to feel to reach my next goal.

sarah amos before and afterSarah Amos

Turning 40 with an under active thyroid (now treated) had left me nearly 14 stone. I decided enough was enough I was tired of feeling stodgy, unattractive and with no energy or clothes that fitted! As a long time member (but very infrequent user ) of the gym, exercise was key to the weight loss and increased fitness i wanted.

It was my husband's suggestion to try a personal trainer and he 'found' Aaron. Aaron is a very motivational and dedicated professional genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. Nothing is too much trouble ; writing programmes for me to do on my own, keeping track of my progress through weight and %body fat measurements and even regularly getting up at 6 am to do a session for me before work, on his day off.

His sessions and programmes are always varied and interesting with many smaller goals along the way to keep you motivated. His helpful tips about diet, meals and snacks and not beating yourself up if you have a bad week were all instrumental in the success achieved.

The result, I lost a total of 44 lbs, am now a size 10 (was 16/18) and am fitter and healthier than ever before. One most important effect - the amount of energy I now have to get on and enjoy life! If you are considering using a personal trainer than I can highly recommend Aaron.


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