• Richard Jones

  • Trainer

A high octane, influential personal trainer with over a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry, and a unique approach to training, Richard defines fitness as his passion, his love, his energy, and it forms the basis of how he leads his life.

A graduate in BSc Sports Science and Exercise & Fitness (Hons) at Brunel University, Richard has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that has enabled him to form his own unique and effective training style. Richard is not only able to offer highly motivating, challenging sessions which are fun to do, but those which are designed whilst incorporating scientific principles of training and cutting edge research which is vital for achieving maximum results, fast.

Richard’s client list illustrates his extensive skillset, and has included: Winner of The Biggest Loser 2011 Wil Graham and Runner up Paddy Cunningham, Former British, Commonwealth and Prize Fighter Champion, Heavyweight Boxer Michael Sprott and Cruiser Weight Boxer Aji Sharif, Professional Footballer Adam Le Fondre and TV actresses Emma Rigby & Jemma Keys.

Richard is known for his fun, likeable personality, his infectious enthusiasm and dynamic attitude which is reflected in the way he trains his clients – with passion, confidence and high energy, this alone can help to improve your motivation and performance to achieve goals beyond your self-imposed limits.

  • Aaron Hopkins

  • Trainer

Modest, Passionate, Motivating and Dedicated.

Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from sports performance to body composition with testimonials to prove his results. As a Semi-Professional Rugby Player he knows what it takes to be at your best and he continues to build prominence with his results.

Aaron loves to unite training and nutrition to bring together the full package to get not only a great looking body but also a healthy and strong body inside and out.

Being a highly experienced personal trainer Aaron can provide the tools and intelligence  to help his clients achieve life changing results. He asks a lot from his clients but gives even more back!

  • Scott Webber

  • Trainer

A trainer that believes in hard work, dedication, persistence and 100% willpower

Scott is a trainer that lives and breathes fitness. Scott himself has made a great transformation himself over 7 years and loves to help others achieve the goal they are working towards.
Scott started boxing from the age of 6 and carried on until he was 16 in which he moved on to martial arts. Training in Aikido and Mixed Martial Arts. Scott also discovered the gym during this time and started his love for weight training.

During Scott’s early 20’s he put one just over 3 stones of excess body fat due to neglecting the fitness side of his training and lifestyle but at the age of 22 Scott realised that he had to do something because he knew he was on a slippery slope. So with strong determination and his willpower on maximum he changed his training and lifestyle to help him get to this goal. In just under a year Scott when from nearly 17stones carrying a lot of fat to just under 13 stones in the shape of his life.

It’s during this process that Scott realised how passionate he was about his hobby and decided to help others achieve this journey. He studied with Premier Training International and qualified as a personal trainer with flying colours.

Since being qualified Scott worked at Pulse 8 Health and Fitness club for over 5 years as a personal trainer/class instructor providing first class 1-2-1 sessions and class sessions. Throughout the time expanding Scott’s knowledge in fitness.

After Pulse 8 Scott moved into to Management by becoming the manager at Wellington Health and Fitness Club. Spending 2 years running the gym.

Scott comes with mountains of experience and masses of enthusiasm. Whatever your goal be it losing weight or getting ready for a sporting event Scott has the knowledge and the experience to help you get there.