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Personal training wokingham, reading, berkshire


The Premier Personal Training Team,Destination & Experience!

Looking for the personal touch and want intense, focused training then 1-2-1 PT is for you.

You will benefit from direct attention, great workouts and regular monitoring and assessment to ensure that you reach your goals.

U are our priority. We want U to enjoy the process and become the best version of U.

Personal trainer, fat loss, stength, confidence, berkshire

"Why Aaron?

He shows me the way, He helps me get to where I want to get to. He helps me achieve. He guides. He advises. He suggests. He’s patient. 

It’s tailored for what I want to achieve. 


When I was recovering from Covid, Aaron put a programme together that enabled me to get fitter much quicker, with some very simple activities and routines that I did at home. When recovering from hamstring problems, he slowly built up the strength in my hamstrings."


"Working with Scott is one of the

highlights of my week! Our early

morning sessions set me up for the

day, we talk about everything and

anything, and although he pushes me

hard we always have a laugh or two. I'm

noticeably leaner and stronger than I

ever have been! I have eliminated the

pain I was struggling with for years"


personal training, berkshire, reading, bracknell, weight loss
personal trainer, crowthorne, wokingham, berkshire, strength, fat loss, boxing

I was just going through the motions, and I just wanted to actually target some gains. And that's what I get with Rich, it's fun, I feel myself getting stronger and fitter.  From a mental health point I feel much more positive too. I look forward to going to the gym. Rich is motivational and PTU feels like a family when you're down there. I really do feel that I've made good gains from that structure. With rich again, it's always fun, he's motivating. You can have a good laugh and a joke as you're doing the session. At the same time you know, you're focusing on doing some good stuff as well. So Thanks, Rich. Thanks team PTU. I really appreciate it"


“I’ve never felt more fabulous than I did on my wedding day and that is largely to do with Scott and my 16 week journey with him, getting stronger, leaner and happier. I loved every training session - Scott is friendly, knowledgeable and most of all, fun!

Thank you for keeping me on track and contributing towards my wedding preparations!”


personal training, berkshire, wokingham, crowthorne, powerlifting, strength, muscle
PT wokingham, berkshire, reading, bracknell, fat loss

"I love working out with Grace, she makes me

feel supported and keeps me motivated. She's

really understanding and knowledgeable even

when I feel like I haven't done something well she

gives me more confidence which in turn makes

me feel like I am doing well"



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