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Mental Health and Exercise

Mental health and Exercise.

Mental health affects us all.

Some time in your life you may have felt it,  have it or someone close to you has suffered with it.

There’s lots of ways it can affect us, how we take steps to improve symptoms can be challenging.

This post doesn’t take away from going to the GP or to a therapist.

Our aim here is to bring you some science backed advice so you can implement some things for yourself.

The key word here is “YOURSELF”, if you’ve had any mental health issues you’ll know, no one and no tablets can help you unless you build in habits to support your mental health and carry on doing those habits.

I’ve seen it and I’ve done it myself. We start great habits to make our self’s feel better and when we are feeling great we stop.. few weeks go by and we wonder why we are in the same dark hole as before.

Does weight training really help mental health?

In report 1 linked below, of the meta-analysis of 33 clinical trials with 1877 participants, weight training was associated with a big reduction in depressive symptoms.

In report 2 linked below showed cardio (running, cycling and rowing etc) and weight training helps the management of mental health conditions, particularly depression and anxiety. It also added that it is important that you build habits and implement things that change your actions on a daily basis to support your health.

In report 3 linked below showed that an analysis of 49 studies with over 260,000 participants, people with higher physical activity levels are less likely to develop depression. So not only will it help with symptoms but will help prevent it.

I won’t go into detail here as I know there’s a lot to take in. All you need to know is exercise and weight training is great to reduce and prevent mental health problems.

It’s not a fix all, it has to go alongside a good diet, habits and self care.

If you need help or just want to talk then just drop me a message.

You got this!


P.s. That is a serious drop me a message if you need help, I don’t say it for fun!



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